How it Begins

Another reason, another cause for me to fight
Another fuse uncovered now for me to light
My dedication to all that I’ve sworn to protect
I carry out my orders without a regret
My declaration embedded deep under my skin
A permanent reminder of how it began

Indestructible, by Disturbed

For a long time I’ve pondered getting a tattoo. Despite all the “do you really want something permanent on your body?”, and the host of other reasons not to get one, I’ve worked out when I’d get it, what I’d get, and where I’d put it.

But first, have we got updates for you!

This whole Industrial Grace Restoration thing is live now. We’ve got a facebook page,  an Etsy shop, and even an FEIN. And in terms of where this blog will go, you can expect an update every Friday, as well as the occasional additional post.

This post is a “reminder of how it began”. A good place to start would be the logo,  designed by the talented graphic designer Matty Evans:

It hits the nail on the head in terms of capturing what we’re about. It “show[s] a sense of grace and eloquence”  but also the more reckless industrialized side of things.  Don’t you think he did a good job?

About that tattoo: it would look a lot like the pylons in the logo,  I’d get it on the back of my neck, like a barcode, and I’m getting it if Ghost dies young. It would be a “.. declaration embedded deep under my skin // A permanent reminder…”

signature 2


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