Mercy of the Thorns Necklace

mercy of the thorns 130824

You’ll find it in the veil of night where solitude is born

In the emptiness of broken flesh, at the mercy of the thorns

~ Thorns, by Demon Hunter

A long while ago someone commented to me that they were tired of cross necklaces, and why doesn’t someone do anything with the nails or the thorns?

This is my attempt to remedy the situation. The chain links are each nails that I individually bent, while the “thorns” are small black beads, twisted up with black wire. The pendant was something I found on a walk, and the box is an unwanted one from my parents’ place.

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Ghost Bike Card

I guess I think about bikes a lot. A long time ago, in 2007,  my grandfather bought me a trek 4500 that looked like this:stock doug

When I moved to the Twin Cities I didn’t have a car, and so I rode, a lot. Eventually, I moved to a new place, and a new bike shop opened up a stone’s throw from my place. It was the U of M branch of The Hub Co-op. It was right on my way to and from work, and (since I was working at Starbucks at the time) I’d often drop by, and give them my free pound of beans. I had a bunch of awesome and encouraging conversations with the guys that worked there, and bought some pretty cool stuff there, too…

Anyway, this year my beloved bike was stolen. I had renter’s insurance, but they required that I provide proof of ownership. Easy, right? Not so fast! The one picture I thought my bike might be in didn’t feature my bike, and I’m pretty do-it-yourself, so hadn’t ever had much “official” work done on it.

In fact, the only “real” work I could recall having done on it was that one time after I’d been hit by a taxi, and I took it to the Hub. So I called them up, and one of the guys found it for me, and thus the day was saved!

I sent them this card, as a homage to my deceased bike.

ghost doug

I’m thinking it might make a good line of sympathy cards. Thoughts?

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