Desk Doll #1

G Priest Poster 130523

A few weeks back my father-in-law handed me a bunch of telephone wire, knowing that I would think of something to do with it. As I fiddled with it on the train ride back to our place, it began to look like doll hair. In a flash, I saw the grinning face of a doll with crazy multicolored wired hair.

Back at home I paired the wire with a worn out striped sock for the body, and I nicked some pale fabric from an old, worn out hoodie for the face and arms.


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Cynical Love Pillow

Cynical Love 130523b

This pillow has been crafted from fabric salvaged from two different hoodies.

The front of the pillow is from what was originally a blue hoodie. As the hoodie’s life wore down I modified it and patched it using fabric my grandmother had given me – the floral and love fabric seen here. The stencil of the gun was added for a bit of contrast. When the whole hoodie passed on I saved this patchwork piece in hopes of using it one day – maybe as part of a blanket or something.

The back of the pillow is made from the lining of an orange hoodie I found (and disassembled) back in college. The two pieces came together to make the pillow you see here.

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