time to grind clock

This clock was made for  GRIND Cafe. They were very generous in photographing it, and posting about it here. The gears came from the good folk over at The Recyclery, while the inner workings were from a thrifted clock.

GRIND is also the home of the wonderful Headstash Roasting Co coffee. I’ve been buying beans there, and now that they’re roasting their own I’m hooked. It’s great. Seriously. Go drink some. A cup of Kenny Fresh will blow your mind.

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Desk Doll #1

G Priest Poster 130523

A few weeks back my father-in-law handed me a bunch of telephone wire, knowing that I would think of something to do with it. As I fiddled with it on the train ride back to our place, it began to look like doll hair. In a flash, I saw the grinning face of a doll with crazy multicolored wired hair.

Back at home I paired the wire with a worn out striped sock for the body, and I nicked some pale fabric from an old, worn out hoodie for the face and arms.


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