Industrial Sector Album Art, Mid-2008

Album art for Industrial Sector, by Ilam Stone. Around Christmas Peter and I went out to industrial areas of Christchurch, New Zealand for the photo shoot. I may post more of those photos later. While he was working on the songs, I selected images that might work well for the cover.

I used a solvent based transfer method to create the distressed look of the text. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t able to buy a straight up container of acetone, so I ended up using a blender pen, probably a lot like this one. You have to print the image on something that uses toner rather than ink, and you’ve got to reverse the image. And now you know everything about image transfer! Yay!

Now, of course, I would probably skip all that, and just use my typewriter. It already produces text that is rustic and distressed looking.

I also recommend Ilam Stone’s latest album, Splinter Stone.
signature 3