“Chelsea” Earrings

Chelsea Earrings - 130801

In college I lived near a girl named Chelsea. She was like a beatnik version of Audrey Hepburn. She would change her look dramatically from day to day, to the point where she tells of a time when she convinced someone she was actually twins. She was edgy, and wild, and just the catalyst I needed to get my cartilage pierced.

These earrings are a tribute to her. I handmade the beads out of air drying clay, and painted them. I always envisioned her color as a dark shade of green, the sort that lurks in an elven forest, so the metal leave charms seemed fitting.

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California Journalin’

California Journal 2 - 130801

About three years ago I look a “Book Arts” course, which included some bookbinding techniques. That class prompted me to try my hand at that sort of thing, though I’m driven to use a slightly different assortment of materials than we did in that class.

This book is much more recent, made when I was at my parents’ new house in California. My goal was to use the items I had on hand, which meant a lot of miscellaneous bits of paper from my childhood. The lined and graph paper for the text block were the remaining unused pages from the school notebooks of my childhood, while the unlined pages were from an old address book.

I used the outer part of the address book as bookboard, and covered it with a piece of lined paper painted with some of my father’s homemade milk paint. I finished off the front using a piece of metal that I found locally in my parents’ neighborhood, and bound the whole thing with a piece of fiber rope, which I believe was made from New Zealand flax, known as harakeke to the Maori.

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time to grind clock

This clock was made for  GRIND Cafe. They were very generous in photographing it, and posting about it here. The gears came from the good folk over at The Recyclery, while the inner workings were from a thrifted clock.

GRIND is also the home of the wonderful Headstash Roasting Co coffee. I’ve been buying beans there, and now that they’re roasting their own I’m hooked. It’s great. Seriously. Go drink some. A cup of Kenny Fresh will blow your mind.

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Desk Doll #1

G Priest Poster 130523

A few weeks back my father-in-law handed me a bunch of telephone wire, knowing that I would think of something to do with it. As I fiddled with it on the train ride back to our place, it began to look like doll hair. In a flash, I saw the grinning face of a doll with crazy multicolored wired hair.

Back at home I paired the wire with a worn out striped sock for the body, and I nicked some pale fabric from an old, worn out hoodie for the face and arms.


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Cynical Love Pillow

Cynical Love 130523b

This pillow has been crafted from fabric salvaged from two different hoodies.

The front of the pillow is from what was originally a blue hoodie. As the hoodie’s life wore down I modified it and patched it using fabric my grandmother had given me – the floral and love fabric seen here. The stencil of the gun was added for a bit of contrast. When the whole hoodie passed on I saved this patchwork piece in hopes of using it one day – maybe as part of a blanket or something.

The back of the pillow is made from the lining of an orange hoodie I found (and disassembled) back in college. The two pieces came together to make the pillow you see here.

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Industrial Sector Album Art, Mid-2008

Album art for Industrial Sector, by Ilam Stone. Around Christmas Peter and I went out to industrial areas of Christchurch, New Zealand for the photo shoot. I may post more of those photos later. While he was working on the songs, I selected images that might work well for the cover.

I used a solvent based transfer method to create the distressed look of the text. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t able to buy a straight up container of acetone, so I ended up using a blender pen, probably a lot like this one. You have to print the image on something that uses toner rather than ink, and you’ve got to reverse the image. And now you know everything about image transfer! Yay!

Now, of course, I would probably skip all that, and just use my typewriter. It already produces text that is rustic and distressed looking.

I also recommend Ilam Stone’s latest album, Splinter Stone.
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